October 9, 2022

Binghi Blaze drops The Rastalution

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The Rastalution, debut album from roots singer Binghi Blaze, will be released on October 24. It contains 15 songs, most of which are produced by veteran musician Dennis “Jah D” Fearon.

Two songs from the set — Pressuring The Poor and Rastamance — have already been released.

After 10 years of recording singles, Florida-based Binghi Blaze feels a sense of pride getting his first major project out.

“I feel overjoyed, not only because it’s the first album, but to know that the core of the album was produced by such a guru. Jah D is a very humble, gifted, kind and just a clean an’ great person,” he said.

Fearon, whose career started at Studio One in the 1960s, produced 12 of the songs on The Rastalution. His son, Dia Fearon, played keyboards on the set while Prince Manning played most of the drums.

Binghi Blaze (real name Gary Williams), who is from Manchester, first met Fearon four years ago and made an instant creative connection. They began production on what became The Rastalution two years ago.

A devout Rastafarian, Binghi Blaze began playing music as a youth in church. He excelled in athletics while attending Knox College which he represented in the 800 metres at ‘Champs’ but has been into music full-time for the past decade.

Binghi Blaze and the Rastalution Band will introduce The Rastalution at The Garden in Fort Lauderdale on October 14.

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