Yohan Marley wants to carve his own lane

March 1, 2024

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Yohan Marley, the son of Grammy-winning and platinum-selling reggae artiste and producer Stephen Marley, is looking to make a name for himself musically.

The singer and deejay says he is all about love and positivity in music.

“I’m just doing Jah’s work and bringing my own flavour, like hip hop and reggae. I like Afrobeats and I sing a lot of girl songs. Love is my lane, anything to do with positivity. A love a wi lane,” Marley disclosed in an interview with the Jamaica Observer at the Bob Marley Museum on Hope Road last Tuesday.

Marley has a hot collaboration with singer Jesse Royal, titled
Blessing, which has been making the rounds since its release in December last year.

“Jesse is like mi bredda. We grew up together and the song really came about from a reasoning me and him a reason on life and how precious life is and to be loved and know that I am loved. Life a di greatest gift from Jah,” said Yohan of the track released by Easy Star Records.

He said his vocals were recorded in Miami, while Jesse Royal did his in Jamaica.

“The feedback has been great. A lot of people have been hitting me up on social media telling me how the song helped them get through the hard times and tribulations that they are going through in their life. It is important to be authentic and mean what you say, and say what you mean,” said Yohan.

His elder brother, Jo Mersa Marley, passed away in December 2022. He credits his brother’s encouragement in pursuing his musical aspirations.

“I always had an interest… watching my dad, uncles and aunts, so naturally, there was that great interest. But is really mi bigger bredda who pushed me. Him teach me how to sing, how to DJ, and how fi write,” Yohan shared.

Asked if being the son of Stephen Marley made it easier for him, Yohan said: “No. I mean dad in himself in him right is a legend, not just as an artiste but also in producing. There are many different hats that he wears. It make mi waan go harder. Mi fawda do nuff hard work and it mek me waan go harder.”

He shared the best advice that his dad gave him regarding music: “Him say tek yuh time, think about weh yuh waan say, say weh yuh mean and mean weh yuh say.”

Just like his famous grandfather Bob Marley, Yohan enjoys playing a game of football. He also loves whipping up Ital dishes, fried fish and jerk chicken.

“I love to cook, me’s a chef. Mi love to cook fried fish and mi wi jerk a little chicken too. Everybody in the family can cook,” shared the artiste, who was born in Kingston and attended Sts Peter and Paul Preparatory School before moving to Florida.

Yohan is preparing to hit the road with Jesse Royal and his dad Stephen.

“I enjoy being on stage with my father, nuttin nuh greater dan that. He’s my everything, and I look up to him so much. His work ethic shows me that you caan lay-lay, yuh haffi work,” said Yohan.

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