July 9, 2021

Sean Paul reveals he’ll be dropping two albums back to back

article reposted by Chelsea Durrant

via Buzz-Caribbean.com

Dancehall star Sean Paul revealed to Buzz-Caribbean that his upcoming album “Scorcha” (announced earlier this year) was not only fully-recorded before May 2021, but is only one of two subsequent projects set to follow up on the success of his latest album, Live N’ Livin.

“With Scorcha, we’re just waiting on a couple more singles to be mixed. Certain video and red tape kinda vibe; you know, we have to coordinate with the other artistes and their management teams. With the other album, it’s ready to drop pretty much anytime after that; it will be 16 songs as well,” Sean Paul explained.

For the album that will follow “Scorcha” the artiste says it’s simply a matter of deciding what collaborations to add to the project, and that it would be ready for release in 2022.

Scorcha, however, is still on track for 2021.

After 21 years in music, Sean Paul has remained enamoured of what he describes as a “constant cycle of creation”, a fitting name for the incredible work ethic the megastar continues to display.

“I work ahead of time enuh.  A lot of times, I will have a body of work, and seh this is the album and I keep on working at it. But if something comes up that beats something on the album, I might interchange things. Of course, sometimes I will leave certain tracks off the present album, and save it for the album after. That’s how I work still, it’s a constant cycle of creation,”

He added that:  “The people can definitely expect Scorcha this year. Just know there is another album, on the heels of that being done. Cah we haffi mek hay while the sun a bun!”

The dancehall giant has been known to infuse strong roots reggae elements into his work throughout the years.

Earlier in 2021, the artiste had even stated that he was interested in venturing into a full-blown roots reggae project.

While he is still interested in taking on this particular journey in music, the album following Scrocha will not be a roots project.

In fact, Sean Paul is not sure when he will be doing a complete roots reggae album. “I always thought of creating a full roots album, but incorporating those elements in my music is something that I’ve always done,” he told BUZZ pointing to works like the classic ‘I’m still in love’ featuring Sasha which was released in 2002.

He told Buzz that the upcoming Scorcha album will feature songs like ‘Light my fire’ which will invoke classic records like ‘I’m still in love’, only this time it’s Gwen Stefani and Shenseea helping him to invoke that roots and lovers rock vibe.

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