Quan Dajai plots his journey…from playing young Marley to the recording studio

March 8, 2024

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Quan Dajai has found fame playing a young Bob Marley in the recently released box office hit Bob Marley: One Love.

The 25-year-old, who grew up around music, has released his debut single

It is featured on the various artistes project Brimstone Riddim by Dutty Rock Productions.

Quan Dajai’s cousin is Grammy-winning international recording artiste Sean Paul.

“Music began with me and my brother; he produces and I sing. Mi see mi cousin Sean a dweet musically, and he was the inspiration at first, and then it got personal. For me, it was an ongoing decision to pursue music professionally,” Quan Dajai disclosed in an interview with the Jamaica Observer at the Dutty Rock Productions studio recently.

Born in Kingston, he attended St George’s College and later did a year in civil engineering at The University of the West Indies, Mona, before switching to geology. He, however, didn’t finish his course of study.

“For me, music is comforting. I play the guitar, so I can lose myself for hours. There’s always something to learn and to share the passion with others,” he reasoned.

Brimstone, he said, tackles societal issues and the injustices that people face daily.

“I wanted the song to be something of commentary. It’s like judgement, fire is the purification,” said Quan Dajai.

He shared how he got the role of playing a young Bob Marley.

“I saw the casting call on someone’s Instagram page, and there were other people who told me about it. Going back to Bob’s music was like a journey to our roots. I decided that it was something that I wanted to do, did the self-tapes, and I got some follow-up feedback. Paramount representatives came here and they were scouting and someone told me where they were going to be. I went there and that was it. I guess my demeanor helped in giving me the edge to secure the role. Young Bob was described as a reserved person, which I am, and I guess I have a similar look,” he said.

“Working on the project was good, it was a real pleasure and a learning experience. It was also great being around the Marley family. I met the people who were on the journey and who helped to define it all,” he added.

Quan Dajai said he hasn’t been surprised at the success of the film at the global box office.

“No, I’m not at all surprised. The message that Bob had, the purpose, and the time that he was around with all that political unrest, everybody would’ve watched. So I never doubted it would have done well.”

Since his film debut, Quan Dajai says offers have been coming his way for other roles.

“I’m building my portfolio right now. I’ve had meetings in LA [Los Angeles], done dialect courses just to help sharpen me for other roles,” shared the artiste.

And, musically…

“I’m also hoping to record a song with Sean Paul,” he said.

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