King Cruff gears up for Jo Mersa’s celebrations

March 8, 2024

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There are bound to be sombre moments at the Jo Mersa Marley’s Birthday Celebration in Nine Mile, St Ann, on Saturday, but King Cruff is looking forward to the family event which recalls the life of his cousin, who died in December 2022.

The rapper/deejay and Runkus have a new song, Fallback, on the market.

He plans to share it with patrons.

“I’m very grateful to be on the billing. I feel like being considered to be a part of this celebration of life is major. I’m preparing my set so that I can really deliver, as I’m going to be amongst heavy hitters like Jesse Royal and the legendary Marley brothers. And even though it’s happening a bit after Reggae Month, it almost feels like this is the main event of it,” King Cruff told the Jamaica Observer.

Fallback is produced by Banx and Ranx, an artiste/production duo from Montreal, Canada, best known for their 2018 hit single Answerphone.

They have also work with international sensation Sean Paul.

King Cruff, who officially launched his recording career in late 2022 with Samurai Chop, makes his dancehall début on the track.

For him, it is a long time coming.

“I feel like I’ve always danced around my music having a heavy dancehall influence. I was self-conscious of what my execution of it would look like. I’ve always practised more hip hop or R&B music. But I’m glad that, for a first try, we were able to build something as amazing as Fallback,” he said.

The Kingston-born, Canada-raised artiste will be in familiar company at the Jo Mersa show. He is the son of Stephanie Marley, sister of Stephen Marley, Jo Mersa’s father.

Samurai Chop was followed by Souflle and Shedoeneed (with Stonebwoy and Jag Huligin), which had elements of dancehall, but for
Fallback King Cruff went straight dancehall and called on Runkus to share the mic on the up-tempo track.

As much as he wants to reach a diverse audience, he states that watching charts does not determine his music.

“I don’t like to let outside factors dictate how my music is made. I like to build the music based on feeling. Once the song is finished, then I sit with it and figure out what space it will exist best. Like trying to find which space the puzzle piece must go,” he said.

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