Nigy Boy… to the Continent

February 23, 2024

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With a major deal on the table, and a television advertising campaign under his belt, singer Nigy Boy has been capitalising on his new-found fame, thanks to the success of the hit song Continent.

The New York-based artiste was in the island recently for a homecoming celebration of sorts at Sangster International Airport in St James.

“It has been wonderful, nothing short of spectacular. I was met by a large crowd at the airport and afterwards there was a press conference. I am confirmed for Reggae Sumfest, and that’s an event that I attended once before I migrated to America. I also went to visit the Salvation Army School for the Blind, where I made a donation while interacting with the kids, because I believe in giving back,” shared the St James-born Nigy Boy last Sunday.

Continent, he said, has changed his life.

“Besides the fact that I have to travel a lot, yes, I was an unknown artiste, but people knew my face from before. It’s just been getting greater and greater; the gate open now and the blessings are pouring down, and I am thankful for them,” said Nigy Boy.

The official video has so far racked up more than 6.2 million views on YouTube.

He shared the inspiration behind Continent, a song produced by Tarik “Rvssian” Johnston and featured on the Dutty Money rhythm.

“The song came about based on my knowledge of simple geography and, let’s say, my experiences with different ladies from parts of the world… and also a little bit of competition for Beenie Man’s Nuff Gal and Shabba’s Trailer Load a Girls. I wanted to pay homage to and measure up to these giants. Big up to Rvssian,” Nigy Boy said.

He reminisced about his childhood days growing up in Flanker.

“My early life was actually fun. I grew up normal, the other kids played with me and the didn’t ostracise me. It was a wonderful childhood experience growing up. I was between Flankers and Salt Spring with my relatives,” he said.

Nigy Boy (real name Nigel Hector) said that reconnecting with his roots after being away from Jamaica for a while was a humbling experience for him.

“It was a joy, all these people recognised the talent from day one and were always putting their support behind it. It truly is a beautiful feeling,” he shared.

It has been four years since Nigy Boy decided to pursue music professionally.

The visually impaired singer said it was the encouragement of a friend that made him decide to pursue his musical aspirations.

“My best friend said he wanted me to write a song and sing it. Afterwards he said I should pursue music. I posted a few clips on social media during COVID [pandemic] that went viral. Afterwards, I linked up with a manager, now this was in 2021. The first producer that I worked with was a friend of mine named Sage, but his real name is Sanjay Reid. We used to do JCDC [Jamaica Cultural Developnent Commission competitions and the All Together Sing competition,” Nigy Boy recalled.

He also did work with dancehall artiste Mr Vegas, whom he said has been instrumental in his career.

“We did a collaboration called Waterfall. I was humbled and I felt honoured to have done a song with him. It really moved me at the time that he would look at me at the time and say he wanted to push me to the next level. I am super grateful for all that he has done and continues to do,” he said.

His follow-up single — which he said is still untitled — is expected to be released shortly.

“It’s coming soon, very soon. Something very big is coming. The momentum is out of this world. You think you saw something big with
Continent? This is out of this world,” said Nigy Boy.

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