January 3, 2024

New music, new year: Entertainers share their musical plans, hopes, dreams for 2024

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As a new year dawns, members of the entertainment fraternity shared their musical plans for 2024, as well as their hopes and dreams for the country.

Dancer and deejay Ding Dong Ravers, who had a massive hit this year with Bup Bup Bup, says he plans to release his long-awaited debut album in 2024.

“[The year] 2024 is the mambo year. I just want people to enjoy wi culture, show love and happiness, and that there be unity. We just want the communities to come een as one and live as one. The senseless killing nah mek it. Jamaican culture is about love and unity. We also need more collaborations with local artistes, just let go off the egos, so people around the world can see say Jamaica have that form of unity,” said he said.

Popeye Caution, dancehall artiste and fashionista, is best known for the chart-topping collaboration Di Good Ting Dem with Ding Dong Ravers.

He promises more music and a world tour in 2024.

“I’m working on my album for 2024. Me and Ding Dong a forward wid supp’n again, don’t want to reveal too much about it right now. Jamaica look out again. We are working on a world tour and mi just waan mek mi name a bit stronger in Jamaica,” said the Florida-based Popeye Caution.

Former Magnum Queen of the Dancehall titleholder Suspense, who released an EP in 2023, says she plans to tone down her hard core image a bit in the new year.

“For 2024, the hard core dancehall artiste Suspense ago turn it down a little bit and do a little bit here and there. On January 1, I am releasing my new single Lifestyle, which is produced by Panta Son. It’s only great things for 2024,” said Suspense.

Dancer and recording artiste Bravo Ravers says his focus in the new year will be putting out new music.

“More work, whole heap a product and video to come out. Just keeping up the momentum to survive. I just hope di yute dem stop singing crap songs and sing happy music,” Bravo Ravers reasoned.

For red-hot rookie Pablo YG, his focus for the new year will be his forthcoming EP titled Rich N Richer.

“You done know, my plans always Rich N Richer fi di new year. The Rich N Richer EP is coming and we have some big collaborations coming as well. Mi a drop the EP pon mi birthday February 24,” said Pablo YG.

Songs, including Floating and Neat Wid It, kept dancehall artiste Laa Lee on the radar in 2023.

For the new year, he is promising a body of work for his fans.

“Mi ago surprise dem with a bang. Just enjoy the music and feel the vibes. Mi a drop di EP inna di new year,” Laa Lee disclosed.

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