September 30, 2021

Mia Mottley gets cool points after quoting Bob Marley at UN meeting

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Mia Mottley may possibly be one of the coolest Prime Ministers in the Caribbean.

Mottley has been developing a following the region for her firmness and her way of dealing with things.

She soared to public attention across the region after sharing her then plans to remove the Queen as head of state for Barbados.

However, it seems her stock of cool points has gone up again following her speech at the United Nations General Assembly.

During Mottley’s speech she quoted the legendary Bob Marley.

Mottley had been speaking on the topical issues of the day, namely the pandemic, when she quoted the Bob Marley and the Wailers 1973 track ‘Get Up Stand Up’ from the album ‘Burnin’.

The PM noted that if she had delivered her speech , as how it had been planned, it would be just a repetition of what has been said already.

As such she decided to employ a different approach calling world leaders to get up and stand up.

“How many more variants of COVID-19 must arrive? How many more before worldwide action plan for vaccinations be implemented? How many more deaths must it take before 1.6 billion excess vaccines in the possession of the advance countries of the world will be shared with those who have simply no access to vaccines” she added.

That’s when she drew on her inner Bob Marley to strengthen her point.

“In the words of Robert Nesta Marley, who will get up and stand up. Who will get up and stand up for the rights of our people? Who will stand up in the name of all those who have died during this awful pandemic? The millions. Who will stand up in the name of all those who died because of the climate crisis or will stand up for the Small Island Developing States who need 1.5 degrees to survive as we go to COP26. It is not beyond us to solve this problem” she added.

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