Julian Marley, Antaeus celebrate Grammy win on The Rock

February 26, 2024

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Reggae royalty Julian Marley celebrated his Grammy win in grand style at the top floor of Ardenne’s Emirates, now home to Ribbiz, on February 22.

The step and repeat were adorned with Grammy gramophones and fanfare, setting the stage for a night of electrifying celebration.

Alexx Antaeus, a former nightclub and Greek restaurant owner, has now added Grammy-winning producer to his list of accolades. He ensured every detail was perfect for Marley’s arrival.

At the 66th Grammy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles, Marley’s album
Colors of Royal, produced by Antaeus, won the prestigious award for Best Reggae Album, marking an epochal milestone in their illustrious careers.

Antaeus, a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, dedicated the award to the people of Jamaica, who have embraced him as one of their own.

Although Julian Marley could not be there on Grammy night, as he was touring in Australia, he made up for lost time by performing at the celebration, where he performed songs from the album, radiating palpable joy as he witnessed the music reaching more and more souls.

Marley described the album as a “different kind of sound” for him, a bold experiment that he felt compelled to share with the world.

Reflecting on the profound impact of his father’s legacy, Marley expressed his happiness that the message and music of Rastafari were resonating more deeply than ever.

“When he was here, all you would have to do is see him and get the music. And now, to see a representation of him in the movie, it’s like he’s right here still,” Marley said with a wide grin.

Brimming with excitement about the Grammy win, Antaeus said: “It’s an exhilarating feeling to be recognised by the Recording Academy for our hard work and dedication. We poured our hearts and souls into this album, and to receive a Grammy, the highest honour in music, is truly humbling. It’s an honour to celebrate with Julian in Jamaica, where it all began.”

Marley, for his part, shared that his family was overjoyed and proud of his win, adding that winning a Grammy continues to resonate with him as the music grows and reaches new listeners.

“Winning a Grammy feels good. To know that the music is reaching more and more people and touching their hearts is a blessing. This album departed from my usual sound, a creative experiment that flowed naturally. I didn’t overthink it; I just let the music speak for itself,” he said.

The Grammy party was a star-studded affair, attended by music industry luminaries, including Grammy-winning producer Seani Bee and other reggae talents like Turbulence.

The event was a vibrant celebration of Jamaican culture and music, a testament to Julian Marley’s Grammy win and an electrifying tribute to the enduring legacy of Bob Marley.

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