Island Music Conference 2024 shaping future of J’can music

February 5, 2024

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Set to unfold from February 21 to 25, the second annual Island Music Conference (IMC) promises to be a pivotal gathering for music professionals.

Helmed by Orville “Shaggy” Burrell, Judith Bodley, and Sharon Bourke, the conference endeavours to foster collaboration, experience exchange, and unveil new musical expressions.

Catering to producers, managers, directors, influencers, media, communications agencies, and labels its mission is to shape the next generation of artistes inspired by the legacy of Bob Marley.

The keynote speaker for 2024 is Wyclef Jean, with the songwriters’ workshop featuring Mikey Bennett and other distinguished speakers.

At the launch, artiste Nadine Sutherland shared her described her experience as the inaugural Tastee talent competition winner and singer of Peter Tosh’s
Buckingham Palace as a “magical time”. She expressed gratitude for Tastee’s role as the title sponsor, highlighting that Tastee’s vision aligned with Bob Marley’s desire for emerging artistes to have more significant opportunities.

She recalled the pivotal moment when Dianne Jobson invited her to Tuff Gong, marking her first encounter with Bob Marley.

Tastee’s involvement in sponsoring talent concerts and investing in Jamaican culture was underscored by various artistes, among them TOK and Paul from Bloodfire Posse.

Simone Chanpong, director of Tastee Limited, expressed: “I’m hopeful for the future of Jamaican music and watching all the up-and-coming artistes thrive.”

The IMC’s purpose includes equipping professionals with the tools needed to become better agents in the music industry. The overarching goal remains to further the legacy of Bob Marley and shape a vibrant future for Jamaican music.

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