January 16, 2023

High hopes for Jah Cure

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Chief executive officer of Shocking Vibes Production, Patrick Roberts, says the probability of Jah Cure ‘striking gold’ behind prison walls for a second time is high. His sentiments come ahead of the singer’s 11-track album, Undeniable, set for release in February.

“I definitely think it will be a success. [However,] this shouldn’t be following him up where he has to be behind prison walls to produce a hit. That’s not something one should glamour about. It’s just unfortunate what has taken place and followed him in his career,” Roberts told the Jamaica Observer‘s Splash.

This will be the entertainer’s fifth studio album, and first since the release of Royal Soldiers in 2019. It is produced by Hamed “K-One” Pirouzpanah of Sweden.

In March 2022, Jah Cure, given name Siccature Alcock, was sentenced to six years in prison in the Netherlands for stabbing a show promoter in that country over unpaid monies. The artiste, who was acquitted of attempted murder, has been incarcerated since October 2021.

He is set to return to court on January 24 for a pro forma hearing.

The pro forma is a short formal/procedural matter lasting approximately 10-20 minutes to decide if the suspect should be kept in detention while awaiting trial. According to Dutch law, this decision is reviewed every 90 days.

Jah Cure had several previous brushes with the law. He was convicted of rape and illegal possession of a firearm in April 1999 and served eight of a 15-year prison sentence before being released in July 2007.

During that incarceration, he released the popular song Behind Prison Walls, lamenting his actions and vowing to “be a better man”.

According to the Shocking Vibes principal, that track is what put Jah Cure on the map.

“I was never really fully acquainted with Jah Cure until I heard Behind Prison Walls and it just picked up momentum. Mi seh to miself, ‘Da tune yah great!’. Jah Cure on a whole is a real great artiste. It’s just unfortunate the situations that keep following him in life,” he explained.

In terms of marketing, Roberts believes Jah Cure’s team will not have much work to do since he already established a fan base.

“I don’t really understand incarceration in another jurisdiction with how those authorities are when someone is behind bars. Once there’s flexibility, he should be good. He’s not a new act that you have to show up front on stage. His music can speak for itself. Nowadays, you have social media at your disposal so it’s easier to market him than 15 years ago,” he said.

Roberts shared his expectations for the project which features Ghanaian singer Stonebwoy and newcomer Kaylan Arnold.

“Jah Cure on a whole, he has the material and the voice to execute in any written songs. I expect a nice, groovy album where one can relax and enjoy some smooth singing,” he said.

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