August 26, 2022

Heptones for charity event

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Earl Morgan has lasting memories of Brentford Road. That’s where he recorded a series of hit songs with The Heptones at Studio One for producer Clement “Coxson” Dodd.

Morgan returns to the Kingston strip (now known as Studio One Boulevard) tomorrow with The Heptones for a fund-raising event at Studio One Boulevard Entertainment Centre. Robert Dacres and Carlton Scarlett are his colleagues in the group.

“Is a great feeling to go anywhere near Studio One ’cause dat’s where The Heptones do some of dem greatest hits an’ where wi do Heptones on Top, one of di greatest reggae albums. Wi beat di test of times to dis day,” he said.

The classic Heptones line-up also included lead singer Leroy Sibbles and Barry Llewyllyn. At Studio One they dominated the rocksteady era of the late 1960s with songs such as Sea of Love, Party Time, Why Did You Leave, Sweet Talking and Heptones Gonna Fight.

Sibbles left the group in the late 1970s and was replaced by Naggo Morris. Llewyllyn died in 2011, while Morris died in 2020.

Morgan told the Jamaica Observer that the current line-up has kept busy. They have performed in Mexico and Germany, and have dates confirmed for the United Kingdom in September.

In 2021 Trench Town Records released The Heptones EP. In June, their 1983 album Heptones in a Dancehall Style was reissued by British company Burning Records.

Turbulence, King Benj-I, Wayne J, and Johnny Lion are also expected to perform at tomorrow’s event.

— Howard Campbell

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