January 3, 2024

Gramps Morgan to headline ‘Dry January’ concert

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via jamaicaobserver.com

Grammy Award-winning singer Gramps Morgan will be the headliner at the ‘Meharry at The Bluebird’ event on Friday to promote sobriety during the month.

The initiative falls within the ‘Dry January USA’ tradition that has been practised for the last few years.

“Growing up, you always see people around you… Even in our community in Jamaica [there is] struggle with alcohol, and this was my chance to bring awareness to this issue in our communities around the world. We all have someone in our families that struggle with this issue. So, this is why I took the opportunity to be a part of this movement called Dry January,” he told the Jamaica Observer.

The event will take place at The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee.

Adding that this will be his first part promoting ‘Dry January’, Morgan noted that performing for previous worthy causes is what opened this window of opportunity.

“Yes, this will be my first time being a part of this project… I had performed at the American Cancer Society a few months back and the head of the organisation heard my song called Rumnesia and said it was a great song and wanted me to be a part of the movement and for the song to be their theme song on the road,” he explained.

Part proceeds from the concert will go towards Meharry University, while the remainder will be pumped into research to fight alcohol and drug addiction and also to spread awareness about Dry January.

Morgan (real name Roy Morgan) is a member of sibling band Morgan Heritage. The outfit won the Grammy for Best Reggae Album in 2016 for Strictly Roots. Two years later, the act secured a nomination for Avrakedabra.

In the meantime, he is encouraging other Jamaican entertainers to lend a hand in alleviating alcoholism and drug addiction in their circles.

“I think many more entertainers can get involved by spreading the word about alcohol addiction, and helping many in their own communities that surround them this will be a great start, because we see it every day around us,” Morgan said.

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