January 15, 2024

BuzzWerl — Caribbean’s first event management app — promises new experience

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Reggae/dancehall artiste Christopher Martin brought the heat at the official launch of the BuzzWerl app on January 6 at Hope Gardens in St Andrew.

Developer of the app, Carlinton Burrell, says his team is looking to make the singer one of the faces of the app that helps to monitor all things entertainment related.

“I’ve always loved the idea of Chris Martin being an ambassador for the BuzzWerl app… there’s one of his songs [Guaranteed] that I wanted to associate with the app; it’s right in line with our branding. It’s right in line with our theme. It’s right in line with our energy, and that’s one of the reasons why I wanted him to be a part of the whole experience and the launch. So, that’s why he was really chosen,” Burrell told the Jamaica Observer.

The launch saw co-hosting being done by comedian Christopher “Johnny” Daley, while music was provided by ZJ Chrome. The décor was done by Teresa LynShue and Sadique Cameron.

BuzzWerl is the Caribbean’s first event management app designed to simplify event planning and enhance event-goers’ experiences. It empowers event organisers and attendees alike with a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features.

Burrell, who was working on the app since 2016, explained how convenient it is for the entertainment sector.

“It’s gonna change the game. When it comes to reporting on revenue and finances — all of that is at your fingertips. The challenge that I think promoters and event organisers have [is that] their finances are not centralised, so they have to put everything in Excel. This [will] give [details] on your finances; the information is right there. It changed the game where you don’t need data or Internet to access… it’s [also] gonna prevent long lines at events,” he said.

As for patrons, the developer explained that they will be able to access tickets via the app, as well as the locations of the events and a summary of each event.

“Everything is centralised, so the app itself provides the exact location where the event is happening,” he said.

Burrell added: “Most times persons are home and don’t know where to find events. If you’re to get up today and go to Trinidad, there’s no way for you to know exactly what is happening in Trinidad, [but] the BuzzWerl app does that for you because it has a calendar and you can select the date on the calendar, and it tells you everything that is happening on the date.”

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