Devin Di Dakta asks Denyque to Think Like A Man in remix

February 20, 2024

article reposted by Chelsea


Denyque is blazing a trail of hits as she teams up with Devin Di Dakta on the remix of his 2016 hit Think Like A Man.

The original was one of nine songs on the World Tour rhythm produced by British Linkz and Great X Productions.

Both artistes have always wanted to collaborate on a track but neither knew of it beforehand. It was British Linkz and Great X Productions who contacted Denyque’s PR person, Lesley Hayles, about asking the R&B songstress if she’d do a song with Devin when it was revealed that she’s been wanting to for a very long time.

The artistes and producers, as well as Lesley and Denyque’s producer, Levels_LVL, all came together to help get this project up and running.

Though Devin’s part was already done, Denyque was very open to hearing his ideas and still they put their heads together throughout the entire process.

All parties involved are pleased with the final product and were eagerly anticipating its Friday, February 16 release on all platforms after being distributed by Symphonic.

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