Chyna Nicole previews fourth album with Sizzla collab

May 21, 2024

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Reggae singer Chyna Nicole previews her upcoming album with the release of the song Boom Love which features Sizzla.

The 10-track album which is still untitled is the follow-up to the award-winning Level of Concern, which was released four years ago.

Boom Love was conceptualised about a decade ago and the song, which finally came together, was recorded at Sizzla’s Judgement Yard studio.

“I truly enjoyed the process of creating the song Boom Love. I enjoyed watching him write and watching him pick up these high-tech instruments and play. He is a true musician in every sense of the word… The studio vibes were lit with his team loving the song which gave a wonderful sense that the song is a promising one,” Chyna Nicole shared in an interview with the
Jamaica Observer recently.

“We had started this project 10 years ago… It was the perfect time and it was even better than what we had started or could have envisioned. Sizzla played drums, bass, keyboards, and guitar… He’s brilliant,” continued Chyna Nicole.

She explained the inspiration behind Boom Love.

“Imagine eating your favourite ice cream. Imagine going to see your favourite artiste perform… That is how I would describe Boom Love. It’s a love that is banging loudly in the speakers with its sweet melody and clever instrumental phrase; and it can be something that you are deeply connected to. It makes you feel so good.”

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