July 20, 2021

Alex Marley on climbing the Billboard charts

article reposted by Chelsea Durrant


Yet again another Marley is climbing the Billboard charts.

This time it’s Alex Marley-cousin of Bob Marley who told BUZZ this time around it’s thrilling as he has been working independently.

“Me being on the billboard charts is a big thing. I’m an independent artist and not every day an independent gets number 2 on the iTunes charts or number 7 on the Billboard charts and number 1 on the BDS radio charts above Migos and Drake and all these people,” Marley said.

According to Marley, he’s excited about the attention his new releases Love, Rise and Winna are getting.

“Love is getting radio play in Jamaica, Australia and all over the place. Rise is being well received by the fans and is my most streamed song so far on Spotify […]and then my first AfroBeats song Winna is on the Billboard charts right now,” added Marley.

Winna is Marley’s first afro beats song which he said he is most focused on right now, although he is known as a reggae and dancehall artist.

Since its release in April the song has gotten over 140, 000 views on YouTube featuring MB Salone.

The 33-year-old said that he was not surprised that his songs made it to the charts.

“I knew they would do well because of the reaction from people when I played for them and I know I have a good team doing the marketing,” said Marley.

Marley, who is going back and forth from California, Jamaica and Miami, said that he just finished touring Northern California where he did a concert in Humboldt.

Although there have been questions about if he’ll be releasing an album soon, Alex said that because of “short attention spans” he’s sticking with single releases.

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