January 24, 2024

Who’s The Man?

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Reggae artiste Nesbeth is excited about the release of his latest release Who’s The Man? which delves into the psyche of the human mind and examines the factors that drive passion, creativity and purpose.

“The inspiration behind the song is mankind. I have studied the science of life and found that one of the greatest and most amazing gifts that we as humans have is our unbreakable spirit, the will to rise above our circumstances and to manifest what would seems to others as impossible feats…this is self actualisation and esteem,” Nesbeth said.

The My Dream singer mused that, “People want to achieve their full potential… So, I thought to myself, ‘What is the one thing that resonates with people around the world regardless of physical, language, cultural or any other barriers that seem to separate us?’ The answer came to me in the form of this song,” he said.

The single will be released in late January. There will be an accompanying music video, shot by IDNTY Cinematography, which will be released soon.

The executive producer of the single is Kacey Ximines, who is the owner of a US-based independent label KXN. The label is already ramping up promotion of the Jon FX-produced single worldwide.

Nesbeth believes the song will be a success.

“Human ambition and achievement is simply a recognition of our becoming who we are. Hence the song title Who’s the man? I am confident that this song will not only be a hit with people all over the world, but will be a reminder of our unlimited capabilities as humans,” he said.

Nesbeth had a breakout year in 2017 topping several ethnic reggae charts all over the world.

The entertainer was nominated for Cultural Artiste of The Year and Favourite Local Chart Topping Song of the Year for his inspirational hit My Dream.

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