October 19, 2021

Shaggy pays tribute to Colin Powell

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via buzz-caribbean.com

Dancehall star Shaggy has paid tribute to former United States Secretary of State, Colin Powell who died on Monday, October 18.

Powell, a former US military general and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff born to Jamaican parents died at the Walter Reed Medical Center in Maryland from complications associated COVID-19. He was 84 at the time of his passing.

Shaggy, who was also in the United States military and fought under Powell, took to social media where he paid tribute to the former officer who served 35 years as a soldier.

“Rest well General!!! You did your thang!! You for us through a war with very little casualties, which I fought, thank you for your service” ‘Mr Boombastic’ remarked on his Instagram account.

Shaggy had enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 1988 as a Field Artillery Cannon Crewman. He served as in the Persian Gulf War during his tenure. His time ended in 1991.

Outside his military career, Powell rose to the position of Secretary of State under former President George Bush creating history in the process, becoming the first African American to hold that post.

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