One Mic Saturdayz taking Jamaican music globally

March 18, 2024

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Citing the need to promote Jamaican music to a worldwide audience using non-traditional outlets, radio jock DJ Cashflow Neil decided to start One Mic Saturdayz on The Edge 105 FM.

One Mic Saturdayz airs from 2:00 pm until 6:00 pm.

With years of experience in radio and sound engineering, DJ Cashflow Neil has crafted an innovative way to engage his audience. The show also includes live performances and interviews with veteran artistes with an opportunity to showcase up-and-coming artistes as well.

In an interview with the Jamaica Observer on Friday, DJ Cashflow Neil shared the reason for One Mic Saturdayz.

“There was an all-media survey that took place recently, and I noticed there was a decrease in the overall listenership population. I decided not to just do a show for radio frequency listeners but to keep up with the wider social media market which involves streaming live on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. This can help to feed our rich culture to a worldwide audience,” said DJ Cashflow Neil.

The first in the series was held on December 2 last year.

Bugle and newcomer Jan Don “Congo Dongo” were the first guests.

“Fun fact: Bugle and I grew up in the same community of Cooreville Gardens off Washington Boulevard,” said DJ Cashflow Neil.

He said the feature has been well-received.

“The show has received great responses, lots of reposts and comments encouraging us along. The idea of adding live performances has been tremendous as it brings back a lot of nostalgic vibes with veteran artistes,” DJ Cashflow Neil shared.

There are four features within the show. They include Social Media Highs, which highlights the hottest entertainment news bytes of the week from trending posts to viral stories; Streets a Talk, live performance by up-and-coming artistes; and live performance by a major artiste.

“Listeners get to enjoy fresh talent and experience electrifying performances from the next generation of music superstars. In our ‘Live Performance 1’ segment, we shine the spotlight on new artistes as they showcase their original music and unique style, promising an unforgettable listening experience filled with raw talent and creativity. In our ‘Live Performance 2’ segment at 5:30 pm, which features a veteran artiste, listeners can sit back and enjoy the timeless sounds of seasoned music legends. From chart-topping hits to iconic classics, we bring you exclusive live performances from veteran artistes who have shaped the music industry and continue to captivate audiences with their legendary talent and enduring appeal,” said DJ Cashflow Neil.

Some of the artistes who have been featured include General Degree, Mr G, Macka Diamond, Vershon, Lutan Fyah, D Major, Chuck Fender, Delly Ranx, Warrior King, Razor B, Shuga, G Wizz, Alozade, Nature Ellis, Heavyweight Rockaz, Exco Levi, Rally Banx, Zagga, Renigad, Yeshwa, Robbie Rule, Flamzz, Iwan, Tower band, Cecile, Nate Winter, among others.

Said DJ Cashflow Neil: “The hope for this show will always be to reach a wider target audience. We are also thinking about our people in the Diaspora who rely on all things Jamaican, whether it be music, food, places of entertainment, and so on, all in the hopes of keeping our culture alive. I’m constantly at the drawing board, always thinking and brainstorming new ideas to bring the show alive; ensuring that the ideas I curate are aligned with what social media will grab and enjoy, as well as changing the way radio shows are typically done.”

DJ Cashflow Neil has been at The Edge 105 FM since February 2020.

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