August 25, 2021

Milk Crate Challenge Danger

article reposted by Chelsea Durrant


Jamaicans who have sustained injuries in the latest physical craze on social media, the Milk Crate Challenge, run the risk of not being given immediate attention at the island’s public hospitals, given the strain under which they are operating because of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The warning came from Medical Association of Jamaica President Dr Andrew Manning who pointed out yesterday that the challenge can lead to serious injury.

“I saw the challenge and some of the videos are a bit frightening. It’s very dangerous. I would advise people to check out the videos called ‘milk crate challenge injuries,’ ” Dr Manning told the Jamaica Observer.

Noting that it would be hard for health facilities to immediately attend to those who are hurt badly while participating in the challenge, he said, “When you get a serious injury due to that, they might not be able to accommodate you so easily. I would suggest people find a different challenge.”

The MAJ president pointed out that the challenge can lead to serious problems, including a fractured skull, permanent neck injury, broken bones, and soft tissue injuries.

The challenge, which has gone viral on several social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, involves people attempting to cross over a rickety pyramid of stacked crates without falling.

However, some of the videos show people falling midway the attempt and hitting their necks, backs, heads, and arms.

Locally, some social media users have criticised Jamaicans attempting the challenge.

“Hey, we love follow eno. Remember we nuh have no hospital beds at the moment,” one person posted on Instagram.

Another Instagram user said: “I don’t think you people understand how dangerous this actually is.”

Dr Manning pointed out that the worst-case scenario from attempting the challenge could be death.

“Over the years people will find things to do for excitement, but people need to realise the risks, especially at this particular time. Some of the videos were quite scary from a medical perspective. It is just a matter of time before people break their necks, end up paralysed, or even die based on the types of injuries that we are seeing,” he said.

Last year a number of Jamaicans got engaged in a prank called the Jump Trip Challenge or the Tripping Jump Challenge in which three individuals, one of whom is oblivious to the trick, is coerced into jumping together with the other two individuals but would be tripped.

The challenge led to many people receiving serious injuries, including a student at Meadowbrook High School who fell and damaged his arm.

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